Can My Husband Claim Me As A Dependent

can I claim my wife and children as dependents? My wife and I came here illegally in 2004. I have an ITIN number and I file a return using that number. My new boss says he can pay me only as an.

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If I am understanding correctly, we can divorce and I would be eligible to receive my late husband’s SS. My current husband is disabled and is not dependent on me for medical from my job.

From April, pensioners with a spouse who is deemed financially dependent will no longer be able to claim the Adult Dependency.

I loved my job, but had to leave sooner than.

You are completely worth every new lipstick and be confident your husband will not only agree with me, but will bend over backwards to make you.

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Your husband has the best.

What is a Dependent? Who Can You Claim on Your Tax Return? - TurboTax Tax Tip VideoDear Annie: My children treat the woman my husband left me for like their kids’ grandmother and I hate it – My ex-husband.

as a dependent on his taxes. I have not worked a job since our daughter was born. (Well, at least not a job in the sense of getting a paycheck). This man promised me marriage.

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there are no more chances for me, because my husband just doesn’t care. What can I do? Lonely Lady Dear Lonely: Your marriage sounds terrible. Are there children? Are you financially dependent.