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Enjoy one extra heat (and windy) day Sunday across the vicinity as highs climb into the 70s underneath specially sunny skies and breezy.

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A 5-12 months-old boy, who fell into a 200-toes deep borewell in Madhya Pradesh Niwari district four days ago, could not be.

Weather Advisory is now in impact Friday from 10 a.M. Till 10 p.M. Make sure you take your chains! A iciness storm warning in.

Ford GT500 Supercharged 5.2-Liter Crate Engine Could Be inside the Works – Chevrolet sells almost 80 unique stand-on my own cars, whilst Dodge just delivered a fifth V-eight—a supercharged Hemi—to its crate.

CLAYTON — At the striker role, five-foot-8 senior captain Ben Brewer may additionally seem small in stature, however it’s miles the dimensions of his.

A flash-flood caution is in effect in wildfire regions, and snow chains are required in a few areas of the mountains.

The sky become cloudless and the stars filled every ‎inch of it. The moon glowed on the.

The floor crumbled like icing sugar underneath my toes as I heaved towards the summit. The ‎bushes below.

And a new kingdom report at 18-feet, ninety one/four-inches – a surprising duration that beat the previous file of 18-ft, eight-inches that turned into set in 2013. US election: Protesters take part in Count Every.

An early season hurricane will unload extra than a foot of snow along elements of the Front Range, potentially calming wildfires in northern Colorado even as zapping the Pikes Peak place.